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martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

types of prisms:

Regular Prisms:

The bases of the regular prisms are regular polygons.

Regular Prisms

Irregular Prisms:
The bases of the irregular prisms are irregular polygons
Irregular Prisms

Right Prisms:
The lateral faces of the right prisms are rectangles or squares
Right Prism

Oblique Prisms:
The lateral faces of the oblique prisms are rhomboids or rhombi.
Oblique Prisms

The bases of parallelepiped prisms are parallelograms.

The faces of cuboids are rectangular faces.

Types of Prisms by Their Base:
Triangular prism:
the bases are triangles
Triangular Prism

Quadrangular Prism:
 The bases are quadrilaterals.
Quadrangular Prism

Pentagonal Prism:
the bases are pentagons
Pentagonal Prism
Hexagonal Prism:
The bases are hexagons
Hexagonal Prism

types of pyramids:
there is also a clasification of piramids :

The base regular pyramid has a regular polygon and its sides equal

The irregular pyramid base is an irregular polygon.

is the pyramid that has a convex poligon in the base it means that the angles of the poligon measure more than 180°
 is the pyramid that has a concave poligon base it means that some of the angles mesure less than 180°

 is the pyramid that has a right angle


 is a pyramid that one of its sides is an isoceles triangule

 the base is an square


the base is a triangle

the base is a pentagon

Hexagonal :
the base is an hexagon

formula in pentagonal prism

Area: perimeter times apothem divided by 2
Area 2 bases: Area times 2
Rectangle Area: side times side
lateral area: rectangle area times 5
superficial area: Area 2 bases plus lateral Area
volume: Area base times height.